At Pili Pala we consult and create excellent wellbeing training workshops, presentations and coaching sessions for individuals and organisations to exist in a world where they feel safe to have honest conversations, connected to their workplaces and to live with the confidence to believe in themselves.

Our goal is to make you live your life with authenticity, integrity and have the confidence to flourish both personally and professionally.

With over 10 years of learning and development experience, along with accredited coaching and mentoring, our sessions are highly interactive, inclusive, educational and very human-focused.

Facts show:
56% of human resources managers consider training and development essential to business.

When employees feel engaged, they take 41% fewer sick days and increase their productivity by 17%.(Linked in 2023 Report)

Why now?
With an increasing demand of knowledge, we are your perfect partners to support, you, your team and organisation's goals, values and mission

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